Do You Think You Were Injured Because of a Doctor’s Mistake?

Do You Think You Were Injured Because of a Doctor’s Mistake? Are you in pain and think it’s because your doctor made a mistake? Maybe you woke up after an operation, and you’ve been sore for days or weeks. And when you went back to your doctor’s office for an explanation, your gut told you […]

Should I fight my DUI charge in North Charleston?

If you want to fight a DUI charge in South Carolina, you need an attorney with experience. DUI lawyers work to help their clients: Minimize fines Protect their rights Obtain all discovery in their case and help the client to understand the legal process Keep or regain their driver’s licenses Maintain their jobs Do you […]

Criminal Arrest in South Carolina? How an Attorney Can Help

The days following a criminal arrest can be scary and seemingly impossible to navigate. There is no doubt that someone facing a criminal charge has found themselves glued to the internet reading article after article describing what the process will be like, what they can expect, and most importantly, do they need an attorney? What […]

So You’ve Been Arrested for DUI in North Charleston

If you find yourself arrested for DUI in North Charleston, SC, it is important to get the legal help you need. In South Carolina, if you are convicted for DUI, it is not expungable and will be a permanent fixture on your criminal record forever. ARRESTED FOR DUI in North Charleston, SC? WE CAN HELP! […]