Criminal Arrest in South Carolina? How an Attorney Can Help


The days following a criminal arrest can be scary and seemingly impossible to navigate. There is no doubt that someone facing a criminal charge has found themselves glued to the internet reading article after article describing what the process will be like, what they can expect, and most importantly, do they need an attorney?

What A Criminal Defense Attorney Can Do For You

A criminal defense attorney is an attorney who knows, understands, is experienced, and practices in criminal law. Experience is key. Criminal attorneys should be well-versed in all things criminal law, including key factors associated with laws that could aid you in receiving a better outcome in your case.  These include things like presentment at a bond hearing, whether or not to speak to the police or cooperate with investigators, gathering and preserving evidence, mandatory minimum sentences, and maximum sentences and maximum exposure.

Without this knowledge, the average individual is left vulnerable to the criminal justice process, and without the help of a criminal defense attorney, especially early in the process, a person may find themselves facing higher bonds, difficult terms of bond, higher fines and  much harsher penalties than if they had spoken with or retained the services of an attorney.  While some small criminal charges may seem cut and dry, some higher grade misdemeanor and felonies can incur harsh penalties such as jail time, expensive fines, or even long-term prison terms. A criminal defense attorney can help you navigate the judicial process by protecting your rights and giving you the direction needed, both before your arrest, at your bond hearing, as well as during, and after your trial. A criminal defense attorney can help to identify the individual factors in your case to help yield you the best possible outcome.

There’s No Way I Will Be Found Not Guilty, So Why Do I Need an Attorney?

Regardless of whether an individual feels that they will absolutely be found guilty of a criminal charge, a criminal defense attorney is still crucial to helping you navigate the process. And while it is better to have an a criminal defense attorney early on in the process, it is usually never too late to seek out counsel and advice for your pending criminal matter. Attorneys can assist with situations such as interviews with police and investigators, arranging for a turn in, being present to argue your case at a bond hearing to make sure that all factors are used to set a Personal recognizance bond or as low as possible, to assist in reviewing and obtaining evidence, negotiating plea bargains, which are negotiated deals made between the prosecutor and the defendant in a case where certain matters are agreed to by both sides—such as fine, jail time, reduction of charge, house arrest, and/or the requirement to be on the sex offender registry. Attorneys are absolutely critical in helping to enter plea negotiations and determine the best possible outcome for a defendant. 

I’ve Been Arrested for a Criminal Charge. Now What?

If you have been arrested for a criminal charge in South Carolina, Duffy Law Firm is available for initial consultations to discuss the details of your case. You can also reach out at 843-305-3352.

Do not wait to consult a criminal defense attorney if you have been arrested for a criminal charge or know you will soon be arrested. Give yourself the opportunity to get the advantage you deserve with your criminal case.


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